Bondi Markets

Autumn has rolled around. I find it really funny to kick my way through fallen leaves in April, as opposed to becoming ridiculously excited by the spring blossom & daffodils back in the UK. It has finally stopped raining and now the days are a perfect temperature of 23 degrees, great for chilling out in the sunshine without sweating through your clothes!

With this change in seasons there is a definite change in the atmosphere. Bondi has been transformed from summer mania – non-stop beach, people constantly walking around bare footed and in their ‘swimmers’, always a party going on somewhere- to more of a breathtakingly beautiful, secret village vibe.

(Even the trees are getting ready for winter!) 


One thing that hasn’t changed is the markets that happen every weekend. They are constantly buzzing away, filled with locals buying their weekly groceries, catching up over chai or having a relaxed breakfast.

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The Bondi Markets are held in Bondi Beach Public School, overlooking the ocean with huge murals painted on the wall. If there is one place in the world to go to school, this is it.

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Image result for bondi markets

On Saturday the stalls are more foodie centered, with incredible healthy treats, coffee and fresh fruits & vegetables. There are to die for sweetcorn fritters I always get, and a massive chai tent with carpets for people to relax on and drink their tea.

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Sunday’s are more of a fashionable affair – the clothes are invariably great quality & you can find some excellent bargains there. There’s shopping for everything you can imagine, from dream catchers to leather jackets to books. 

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There’s everything from tarot card readings.. 


To body art.

And everything in between! 

Bondi Markets perfectly embody what it’s like to live here – the friendly, spiritual, happy vibe of the community. It’s a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon before popping over the road to the beach and appreciating what an incredible world we live in!❤️

On weekends, Bondi Beach Public School, 10-2pm

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