Wattamalloa Beach

This weekend we went on an adventure to the royal national park, which is out-of-this-world beautiful. It also happens to be HUGE so it’s good to go early and spend the whole day there, exploring the bush walks, natural pools, beaches and waterfalls.


It’s about an hour and a half’s drive from Sydney, but it’s well worth the trip. I would advise renting a car (if you don’t have one!) as the park is so huge it’s impossible to walk around from the station. That way you can nip from one side to the other, zipping through the forest and mountains.


The Royal National Park is home to the famous Figure 8 pools, which we didn’t get to see this time because they require an hour’s walk from the carpark and two hours back! So make sure you go prepared for a hike, or a ‘bush walk’ as they are called here in Australia.

That is, unless you are in a lazing around in the sun mood, which the park caters for with lots of stretches of grass, beaches and bays. After a heavy night the night before, we were definitely in the ‘eating amazing food on the beach with a glass of rose’ vibe.

So we drove down to Wattamalloa beach which is about a 20 minute drive from the entrance to the park. It boasts not only unbelivable nature (think palm trees in the forest style) but a gigantic waterfall AND a beach.


A top tip – when you first get down to the beach, you are faced with a stunning panoramic view of the waterfall, white sand bank and ocean. However it’s not quite clear how to get across to the visionary beach, and we were very close to hoiking our bags up over our heads and wading across the water. Luckily someone advised us to walk down the secret five minute path, through the trees, mini waterfalls and cocktaoos to be faced with a much easier passage over the shoreline. We watched a LOT of people make this mistake!


It is a heavenly place. It feels like you’re on holiday in Africa, surrounded by pure nature and beautiful views. You can watch lots of people climb the rope up the waterfall cliff monkey-style and dive off into the water below.


I massively recommend taking along a picnic and spending the day lazing out, a dream mini holiday away from home (which is pretty difficult to achieve when you live on Bondi beach!) Then you have the perfect excuse to go back for activities – we had planned to go kayaking but spent so much time dozing in the sun we missed the closing time of 5pm!


But luckily, we still had a sunset to catch. We stopped off at Cronulla Sand Dunes on the way back to Sydney for the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever seen. It looked just like a painting.

The beach itself isn’t bad either!

A dream day, definitely a must-do when you’re in Sydney.


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