SUP Manly!

It’s easy to get caught in the ‘Bondi Bubble’ living in Bondi, because everything you could possibly need is within walking distance – great food, coffee, beaches and friends. Manly is the perfect reason to burst that bubble.

One of my favourite things about Sydney is the fact that the ferry is so widely used, that peoples’ daily commute involves a boat trip through the Sydney harbour for under $7.  The ferry trip alone is enough to coax you out of the Eastern Suburbs – it is stunning.


Manly takes between 20-40 minutes to get to, depending on which ferry you take and it is a beautiful ride. As you arrive, you can see how many tiny beaches there are dottted around, only available to get to by boat.

Manly has a great ‘holiday away from home’ energy, it’s a stunning place with lots of tourists, market stalls, cafes, shops and restaurants dotted in between the incredible artwork everywhere.


However if you want to do something really cool, try stand up paddle boarding. The Manly Kayak Centre hosts all kinds of boards – we hired the BIGGEST paddle board imaginable, the ‘XL’.


It can fit up to four people on it, and there is much less chance of falling off. We tied all of our belongings onto the board and set sail, weaving between the yachts, catamarans and .. dogs.


Remember those tiny deserted beaches? You can paddle over to them and set up camp for the day.



We happened to have a picnic to hand so laid down some towels, cracked open the wine and ate lunch on our own private beach. For dessert, an ice-cream-boat came by. The best thing I have ever seen! Think ice-cream van, on water.


We rocked up to Store beach, which is home to penguinsI had no idea that penguins existed in Australia, but they do. They are hiding out during the day in caves though, so we didn’t catch any this time but definitely something to keep in mind!
After you are suitably beached out, work off your lunch by paddling back over to the dock. Grab a coffee, head down to the beach & watch the surfers catching waves.


Then make sure you catch the last ferry back to the East, get there early to avoid the crowd and get yourself a seat outside..


It’s got some pretty unreal views.


A great reminder of what an incredible city we live in.  This was my favourite day in Sydney so far, make sure you try it out!

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