Newtown is Sydney’s answer to East London – filled with vintage shops of all kinds, incredible graffiti artwork, great eateries and very cool people. It’s got the cool, nostalgic Shoreditch vibe down perfectly.
Australia snapshot: Newtown in Sydney - street art and great eats!:
King Street is the main strip boasting every hippy shop imaginable. Dream catchers, typewriters, incense, ornaments, artwork, crystals, herbs – and vintage clothes galore. Get lost down the little side streets filled with incredible art daubed on the walls and quirky coffee shops.
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Newtown, Sydney, Australia:
You can literally spend hours exploring all of the shops here – there are some great book shops especially (see Gould Books below). Newtown brims with an energy that reminds me of Brick Lane – everything here is great quality, whether it’s food, massages, coffee or shops.
Gould's Book Arcade, King Street, Newtown (Sydney):
 Newtown is overflowing with cultures – Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, British pubs, Japanese, Thai – everything you can think of, it’s there. It’s a world of food on one street.
I was heavily recommended to go to Mary’s Burgers and it didn’t disappoint. With a hidden entrance (with just a little skeleton hanging above the door to mark it out), it is like entering into an underground burger rave party.
Rock music blasts, the walls are daubed in graffiti, (fake) human heads hang from the bar and it’s unlike any other burger place I’ve been to. Their burger is definitely the best I’ve had in Sydney so far – make sure you try the mash & gravy too!
Mary's - Newtown, Sydney (A Table For Two):
Exploring Newtown is the perfect way to spend a day as autumn rolls around, you can spend hours here! Head down on a Sunday and catch the Glebe Markets too – this is still on my to do list!

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