You may have heard of Aquabumps – particularly if you live in Bondi.

Streams Aquabumps cf006743

Before I moved to Sydney, I obsessed over Australia. I stalked all of the Instagrams related to Sydney, particularly Bondi. Naturally I came across Aquabumps pretty fast – with a cool 110k Instagram followers the daily photography mainly showcasing Bondi Beach is flawless enough to make anyone move down under.

Green Icebergs Aquabumps _21a1652

Surfing the silk wave Aquabumps _91g6311

The photography is of anything from the infamous Icebergs, surfers catching waves, people enjoying the sunshine to stunning beaches spanning across the world depending on where the photographer, Uge is that day.  It’s a great way of seeing the world from your desk, or bed!

Pacific Park Wave Santa Monica

One Foot Palms Aquabumps o0a2444

Now, as a Bondi local Aquabumps has become part of my daily routine. The free, week-day daily Aquabumps email newsletter comes with a small blurb about the day – anything from the weather, surf reports or to the dangerous tides out at sea. Then of course has lots of incredible photography which remind me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

The Colours of Bondi Aquabumps 5o0a5752

Reprieve Aquabumps s1a8986

They also have a few posts under a ‘noticeboard’ included in the newsletter with random announcements from Bondi local’s which give it a real community feel, they’re anything from dreamcatcher making workshops to room advertisements.

Sydney to Hobart Aquabumps s1a1491

Side note – if you live in Bondi, make sure you’re in the Bondi Local Loop group on Facebook,  it provides hours of entertainment as well as lots of helpful advice, local sales, rental adverts and general information.

Teleport Aquabumps a01q2382

I was super excited to be mentioned in one of these newsletters when I almost drowned doing mermaid swimming and had to be rescued by a lifeguard – not an advisable way to feature!

Bondi Chamber Aquabumps 5o0a9140

Blue Vortex Aquabumps 01q5500

Aquabumps also has a gallery in Bondi and a new one which has opened up in The Rocks where the images are blown up. Definitely worth checking out – the pictures are like nothing else I’ve seen before. The Rocks is also a cool area of Sydney to check out, with lots of little shops, markets and places to eat.

Manly Beach Lines Aquabumps s1a4995

They’ve been going since 1999 and currently have 45,000 readers on their mailing list. Set up by Eugene who had the idea of giving his friends a daily update of the world outside their office, all of the images are taken by him and Aquabumps remains completely original and non-commercial. He has brilliant concepts, such as giving the Bondi Icebergs an Italian makeover recently (below).

The Aquabumps Icebergs Project comes alive!

New lanes, follow the umbrellas

Compare the above with the below shot of the Amalfi Coast, taken by Uge in Italy.

Peppermint Fresh Aquabumps r9a9351

The website is great, complete with blog detailing the latest adventures and showing how to buy the artwork online. If you live in Sydney, or anywhere in the world, I would definitely recommend signing up here for a daily reminder to remind you what a beautiful world we live in.

Celebrity Solstice at Sunrise Aquabumps 5o0a0150

* All of the images here are from Sign up to the newsletter – it’s free!

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