Underwater Silent Disco

Silent Disco’s may be my favourite thing to do in the world (after No Lights No Lycra). There’s something about having a pair of headphones on being able to control your music, and whipping them off to hear everyone screaming out different lyrics and dancing to different beats.

Now – imagine this underwater. Silent Sounds has had the magical idea of putting on a silent disco among the sharks, fish and penguins.

There is a huge room perfectly set up for dancing, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows so you can find Nemo at the same time as singing your heart out.

There are three channels of music, with your normal sing-a-longs, hip hop and older, perfectly danceable-to tunes. The music was impeccable, with three DJ’s set up outside the fishes.

 What I really liked about this disco was that everyone’s headphones had lights on them matching the songs they were listening to, meaning you didn’t have to have a huge shouting/signalling match to get your friend to listen to this A-MAZING song. You could just reach over and change it for them!

The Aquarium itself is also awesome – we didn’t get to see the whole thing but we got to walk through the happy penguins which was more than enough!

To make things even better, there was alcohol involved. It is advisable not to drink too much of it though – at $8 per glass of wine, it was pretty easy to do – because you end up pretty sloppy, fish-out-of-water style.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and has sold out so quickly that more dates have been added. There are still tickets available for 28th & 29th April, make sure you’re there!

Check out tickets and more info here.

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