Govinda’s & Eau De Vie

If you’re looking for a good date night in Sydney, this is it.

Govinda’s is a restaurant and cinema in Darlinghurst – combining excellent food and great movies. It also has a Lotus room, offering  yoga, chanting (kirtan) and meditation classes – it’s the ultimate bohemian institution.

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A highly acclaimed vegetarian restaurant, there is a huge buffet of incredible food to feast on as much as you like for $22. Plates are piled high with salads, pastas, curries and bakes, and I can confirm they are all dangerously delicious. You can go back up as many times as you like, preparing for the ensuing food coma.

The cinema is fully equipped with sofas and beds to handle all types of food comas, complete with cushions and blankets. It’s the most comfortable cinema ever, it feels like you’re at home watching a movie on a huge screen. Stretch back and watch the latest films – I saw Lion which was amazing.

Afterwards, pop over the road to Eau De Vie, hidden in the back of the Kirketon Hotel. Eau De Vie is also infamously good, being named The World’s Best New Cocktail Bair in 2011 and ranked among the top 50 bars in the world.

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We stumbled upon it by accident, incredibly stumbling into the 1920’s with jazz music being blasted through the speakers and fires, sparkles and steam everywhere we looked. It’s a magical bar, with one of the best cocktail and whisky menus I’ve ever seen.

Every cocktail is a marvel, having it’s own recipe, design and presentation. The drinks arrive in seashells, tiki cups, with burnings wedges of fire and ash, dry ice, fire – you name it, Eau De Vie definitely has it.

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It’s a small, nostalgic bar that has great quality drinks, service and music. Definitely a must do in Sydney.

Find Govinda’s here and Eau De Vie here. Book ahead!

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