Skyline Drive In Cinema

If you’ve been in Sydney the past Summer you will know all about the moonlight cinemas – they’ve been popping up everywhere from Bondi Beach to Sydney harbour. As awesome as they are, they’re slowly starting to shut down as the warmer nights begin to fade away, officially closing March 31st. The only one still open is Centennial Park so get down there before it shuts, it’s a pretty amazing experience watching a movie beneath the stars!

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However, if you can’t face going back to the indoor ones just yet, I’ve got a great answer for you.
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Last week I discovered a drive in cinema in Blacktown and it is even cooler than the moonlight one! Best of all, it’s rain-resistant. Just flick on the windscreen wipers, it even adds to the atmosphere.
Drive-In Cinema, Blacktown | 16 Perfect Places In Sydney To Go On A Date:
It’s about a 40 minute drive from central Sydney and in a huge field. There are two giant screens, with daily showings at 8pm and 11pm so you can catch two movies in one night. It’s next door to Atura hotel so if you feel like drinking (BYO) and not driving you can ‘crash’ there. The movies change weekly, I saw Logan and as a complete X-Men virgin it was not as horrendous as I thought.
 In the late 60s as colour television became the ultimate status symbol for aspirational consumers and movie theatres offered an appealing alternative to drive-ins, more and more plots disappeared from the map, replaced by malls and parking lots:
It gets better. There is an incredible vintage American diner on site that serves  up everything you’d expect it to – shakes, fries, wings, burgers, even banana splits. The food is good and it’s a 5 minute walk from the cars, so you can pop to the bathroom or top up on gigantic buckets of popcorn whenever you need to.
Image result for skyline drive in cinema sydney
Image result for skyline drive in cinema sydney
How does it work? You just drive up between two speakers and connect your car to the radio frequency and the movie comes through your speakers. Park up backwards, grab a blanket and crank open the boot or just watch through your windscreen if it’s raining.
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 This cinema has been here for over 50 years, since the days of hooking up a portable speaker to your car. It’s also ridiculously cheap, at $12.50 per person it’s cheaper than a normal cinema ticket!
Drive-in Theater, Chicago, 1951. Spring Fever was a Terrytoon cartoon starring Gandy Goose. via bellecs:
Find them here for the perfect nostalgic cinema experience.

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