Awaken Full Moon Party

One of the more ‘alternative’ things to do in Sydney, these parties happen on the full moon of each month and they are the epitome of unusual.
First things first, they are non alcoholic. It’s a dance party with no alcohol or drugs whatsoever, instead building a spiritual energy off ‘sound meditation and a cacao ceremony’.
Held at a different location each month, the one I attended was in the Bondi Pavillion.
Lots of amazing superfood options greet you as you walk in to the sounds of live bongo drum players and people dancing. I unfortunately missed the memo, which is WEAR WHITE! I was the only one in a pink velvet dress, everyone else was dressed up in white and looked beautiful.
After the initial chatting, drinking tea and eating vegetarian dhal, everyone congregates in the main room. We were welcomed by Sandra Treydte, who is an incredibly inspiring speaker and amazing singer.
She called on people to help others if they feel such a calling and hand out cacao. There were lots of cups of cacao available – I drank four cups, just to make sure it was working. The effects of raw cacao are heavily praised – it’s extremely high in antioxidants and magnesium. Personally I am just obsessed with chocolate so unlimited pure chocolate sounds good to me!
Everyone sat around cross legged as Sandra spoke, sung and chanted, guiding the meditation. People were singing along, listening intently and really getting involved.  It’s hard to explain exactly what happened during the meditation, I’d like to say because I was lifted into a spirit of unconscious energy transcending the universe, but unfortunately I fell asleep! (Can’t take me anywhere..)
After the meditation ceremony wild music started to play and everyone danced away under the neon lights.
FullSizeRender 7
Take along some friends, an open mind and empty stomach for an experience you won’t forget! Sarah (pictured) took me along, check out her blog
FullSizeRender 6
Follow Awaken here to find out about the next event and have your ultimate ‘hippy’ experience!

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