Silent Disco Yoga


I’m not particularly ‘into’ yoga as such, but I seem to have done quite a bit of it in Sydney. I didn’t think you could get any more alternative-yogi than hanging upside down against a wall, but last weekend I found myself at a silent disco yoga class.
This one was held in a popular bar in Sydney’s rocks called The Argyle and there were about 20 people stretched out on their yoga mats amongst the disco balls and DJ sets. Everyone was given a pair of headphones and I was kind of disappointed to see that they didn’t have the option to flick between channels (I am a massive fan of silent discos and cheesy music). Anyway, despite just having one channel they were very good headphones and didn’t slip off my head once, which I would say is pretty good going.
The instructor, Jess, was great. Her cheerful, encouraging voice filtered through the headphones and into your ears, creating a very spiritual experience when the chilled beats started playing alongside her. There was a DJ in front of the class spinning some extremely relaxing music directly into our ears. It’s like having a private yoga teacher in your mind, with some great music alongside.
Jess took us through a vinyasa style class (in non-yogi speak, that means a quite relaxing normal kind of yoga linked with your breathing) and was an excellent teacher. Starting out with some quite typical yoga moves, the class ended up very unique as everyone was on their own ‘journey’ with their headphones creating their own little world, focusing only on themselves. We were encouraged to close our eyes for most of the hour, so it was much easier to switch off than your average class.
I found the class pushed me a lot harder than the average yoga that I do, probably because I was so focused on my own practice. After the class there are a range of (free!) amazing fresh juices available as you enter back into reality.
To find out when the next class is, keep an eye on this page.  The perfect rainy Saturday morning activity!

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