Cork and Chroma

Remember art classes at school, where you could just sit and paint for a couple of hours and feel the stresses of life fade away? Now – imagine that but with 90’s music and alcohol.



Cork and Chroma is the epitome of fun – BYO alcohol, unlimited supplies of paint and friends. Each class has a different painting to follow that you can choose when booking and the teacher guides you through mixing the right colours, application, creativity – they basically ensure you walk away with an art piece you can (potentially) hang on your wall as opposed to hidden away in the attic.


At first you sit down in the studio with your blank canvas and pencil out a stencil, then go up to get your paint. The teacher leaves you more or less to your own devices in-between teaching, and walks around chatting and offering advice as you sip on your wine and get down to painting.


90’s hits play out and you more or less retreat into your own world of painting and sipping on wine. If you’re anything like me, I’d advise not to drink too much wine because I ended up washing my paintbrush in wine and consequently drank quite a bit of paint*. But I’m sure it just contributed to my creative spirit that evening (see above – quite a lot of painting with wine too…)


At the end, everyone stands up at the front to compare and take pictures and is encouraged to chat to the others in the group and ‘tell them something nice about their painting’ which I really like. In the above picture me and Phoebe went to a ‘Pop Art Class – Paint Your Mate’ which is a great idea, though particularly as she has now left to Melbourne. Not sure how much my painting looks like her though!


Based in Surry Hills, this is the perfect way to catch up with friends, do something different and have a LOT of fun. Find them here.

* Cork and Chroma’s tagline is actually ‘Drink. Paint. Just don’t drink the paint’. 

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