Dancing in the Dark – No Lights No Lycra

When was the last time you danced like nobody was watching?
And I mean nobody. Dancing these days seems to be reserved for:
  1. awkwardly shifting around trying not to spill your $17 g&t in a club/get hit on by creeps/bump into people
  2. desperately trying to follow the steps in a zumba class (filled with people who seem to know all of the moves?!)
  3. extremely drunkenly whipping out your best moves before being told off for bashing energetically into everyone around you


No Lights No Lycra is a party in the dark – drug and alcohol free, it offers a space to go dance however you want to without being judged by anyone at all for that weird thing you do with your arms or your twerking habit. You can sing your heart out and dance however the hell you want like nobody’s watching – because no one is!
Take a dark room, a collection of fun loving people ranging in age from small children to grandparents and everything in between, some great music and let them all go wild  however they feel fit for an hour in the dark.
The lights are off and you can express yourself however you want to – you can see the faint outline of people which is helpful for not bumping into them but that’s about it! For the first two minutes it feels kind of bizarre as your senses adjust, then you’re elevated into a spiritual place where it’s all about moving however feels good and singing along to the killer tunes. The energy that fills the room is indescribable, everyone is just letting loose and letting off the weeks’ steam.
The music changes weekly and ranges from old favourites (think Grease, Britney, Whitney etc) to house music to music in different languages.. it just becomes natural. As someone who finds real trouble listening, let alone dancing, to any music that is not nineties pop/top 40 chart of today, I love the completely different take on music.  You can dance however you want to, there is no teacher and everyone is really inclusive.
Incidentally, it also happens to be a GREAT workout. I rarely sweat (probably due to not working out hard enough..) but within minutes of being in the NLNL zone I am drenched.
It does get extremely hot, which is why it’s advisable to take a big bottle of water along and keep clothing to a minimum. I normally wear shorts and a sports bra but you can wear whatever you want.
Without a doubt, NLNL is one of the most fun things I have EVER done. It is truly an escape from real life, an amazing way to de-stress and work out while boosting your feel-good endorphins. It makes me excited for Mondays!
In Bondi, they are held at the Bondi Pavillion (above) on Mondays 7.30-8.30pm. They’re also held in Newtown on Thursdays. Just look for all of the lycra clad enthusiasts outside!


Take along your friends, grandparents, strangers from the street – it is honestly one of the BEST stress relievers ever and so much fun. I also have committed myself to going every Monday as it makes me feel so great, so drop me a message on the Meet Ups  page if you want to join.
 No Lights No Lycra operates worldwide, so check out their website at http://www.nolightsnolycra.com to find out if they’re near you! If not, they also have a pretty cool app that’ll send you a song to dance to everyday – download it on the app store at ‘DanceBreak’.

“Shake it like a bowl of soup, and make your body loop de loop. Put your hands on your hips and kinda let your backbone slip. Move your body like a whip and just shake!”-  Sam Cooke 

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