Mermaiding on Bondi Beach

When I heard that mermaid swimming lessons were a thing in Sydney, I made it my life’s mission to source them out. Sure enough, three days after arriving in Australia I was living out my dream of being a mermaid on Bondi Beach.


I have good news for all of you fellow mermaid-wannabes – Eve the lovely Bondi Mermaid is giving lessons that not only surpass your wildest mermaid dreams, but also get you fit and help the environment out too.


Eve meets you with your mermaid tail (a ‘mono fin’) either at Speedo’s pool on Bondi or on south Bondi Beach, depending on your swimming confidence level. Each lesson that I have been to has been different, however Eve tends to firstly give a mermaid-style yoga class on the beach that integrates all kinds of energy harnessing and special stretches to get you ready for mermaid-swimming.

Here you learn the basics of mermaiding such as how to breathe properly, how to move your body with the fin (essentially butterfly style – easy enough) and how to put your fins on.



Before you know it, you’re flipping your tail to your heart’s content in the ocean. I dove around the surfers, chatting away as they watched our mermaid tails flip up into the air around them.




Post mer-swim, you go for a quick clean up of the beach, where you collect some rubbish that has been washed up. Personally this really opened my eyes to how much rubbish is washed up on our shores, even Bondi which is one of the cleanest beaches I’ve seen. It makes you feel amazing for doing your bit for the environment and is quick, easy and inspiring.

This is how much me & Eve collected on a two minute walk down the beach:


I promise you’ll leave feeling euphoric for having done something so different and so much fun. Expect to also have some insta-worthy mermaid pictures and to show off to everyone you meet for the rest of your life how you did a mermaid swimming lesson on Bondi Beach.


Or – like me, you’ll become addicted and return week after week to frolick around as a mermaid!



Eve does a range of mermaid fit sessions mornings & evenings during the week that can be adapted to suit you. To book a lesson drop her a message on +61424416243 or have a look at her website .


Let me know how you get on – it’s truly one of the best experiences ever!

Thank you to Alex ( for the photography. 

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